The Asklepieion in Kos, Dodecanese: The Asklepieion is an historic scientific middle located four km to the southeast of Kos city, past Platani village. It dates from the first 1/2 of the 3rd century BC and it become built to honor the god of fitness and medicine, Asklepios, after the loss of life of the famous historical Greek medical doctor, Hippocrates. The feature symbol of this group changed into a snake, as Greeks commemorated this animal due to its capacity in terms of choosing curative herbs, and it may nevertheless be seen. The physicians of this hospital were additionally monks and a sanctuary changed into available for all and sundry who desired to hope.


notwithstanding the adjustments induced at the shape by way of the earthquakes, it is easy to inform apart the specific rooms that have been part of this building. the primary terrace is enclosed by means of a portico with the shape of a Pi (Greek letter P), which leaves the south side open. This portico is said to keep a medical school, despite the fact that this isn't validated. On its east aspect, there is a complex of Roman baths, relationship from the third century advert and with a few porticoes as well, which used to have precincts for the sufferers and their households.


the second terrace holds the oldest shape of this production, the ruins of an altar relationship from the 4th century BC. To the south, it can be determined a place referred to as in which sufferers anticipated to look Asklepios apparition, as a way to therapy them for the duration of their desires. To the left and the proper of the altar, the ruins of two smaller temples lay as nicely. There are also a few restored columns belonging to the Ionic Temple of Apollo (II Century BC).


subsequently, at the 0.33 terrace, the stays of the Doric Temple of Asklepeion, dating from the 2nd century BC as properly, can be visible. Asklepieion's middle also holds a church devoted to Panagia Tarsou, constructed during the early Christian duration. this era might also have prompted the disuse of the Asklepieion inside the experience that it become by no means reconstructed after the earthquake, because it has many idolatry factors. What remains from this church is just a capital with the initials ICXP, which means Jesus Christ.


This place is basically the pinnacle of a verdant hill, from which the city of Kos, in addition to its suburbs, can be considered. The excellent calm and even completely satisfied vibe that it transmits are loved via travelers in our days, similar to it passed off with patients in the beyond centuries.